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Reckless Deck: PSYCHE is an 8 category card system that takes students on a deep dive into their characters’ inner world. For students doing any creative writing, screenwriting, or world building, it provides them the keys to truly level up their storytelling and character creation. Characters who are compelling, driven, layered - and free from the tired cliches you’ve seen a thousand times.

Psyche is a powerful creative companion for students to use on their own, or for an instructor to introduce as part of their curriculum. It uses the same creative hooks and inroads used by professional authors and actors, and each of its 8 categories is designed to deliver maximum creative voltage in the areas that matter most.

Psyche Has 2 parts: the Core Set, with 4 categories that apply to all characters everywhere, regardless of style, genre, or time period.

The remaining 4 categories come in Companion Decks, and are extremely specific to the character’s world and the genre of the story. 


The Companion Decks allow you to adapt your PSYCHE collection according to what fires your creativity the most. Each 223 card Companion Deck plugs seamlessly into the CORE cards - swap them out to move from genre to genre, or mix & match them in unexpected ways for incredible new world-building possibilities.

There are 7 other Companion Decks (sold separately), each one specifically designed around a different genre. The content of each one offers compelling character and story possibilities based directly on the style, the circumstances, and the world of the genre it's based on."

For Creative Writing, Flimmaking, Playwriting, and More

Psyche is a powerful creative tool for a host of college majors:

:• Creative Writing
:• English
:• Film
:• Marketing
:• Animation
:• Communications & Journalism
:• Theater & Playwriting
:• Animation
:• Game & Entertainment Design

After a Kickstarter that had over 2,600 backers and raised over $238,000, PSYCHE will be shipping this summer. It will be available to order for your store through Follett Books, Barnes & Noble College, or directly from us.

Reckless Deck products are currently carried by a number of schools & universities, including:

:• Savannah College of Art & Design
• Rhode Island School of Design
• Southern New Hampshire University
• Maryland Institute College of Art
• Utah Valley University

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