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I came up with Reckless Deck in the course of my work as a professional illustrator during a period of intense creativity, but also, of limited hours & minutes in which to actually draw. I wanted something that would help me make the most of my moments in the studio, so I could hit the ground running, spending my time working instead of thinking something up. 

This was originally just a thing for me - begun by poring through stacks of concept art magazines, art annuals, favorite films, and comic books (a stretch of research that was in no way painful, btw.)  But once I started to see the quality and sheers strangeness of the art I started to produce with it, and also, how fun it was to use - I saw the potential of where it could go. (In truth, my wife saw it and pointed it out to me.) This was a thing that could appeal to loads of other artists - but also to writers, gamers, students, kids - really anybody who loves fantasy & sci-fi and wants to be creative. And so, Reckless Deck Volume I was born.

Which leads us to our spring 2017 Kickstarter. Our main intent was to fund a Volume II - but with over 1,350 backers and $119,000 raised in both Kickstarter and Backerkit, we managed to finance ALL of the ideas: not only the Volume II, but a re-design and re-release of Volume I, a kid's Deck (Apprentice Pack), an environment deck (Worlds), and eleven expansion packs.

RECKLESS DECK is like rocket fuel for the creative process - not only does it remove the roadblock of judgement and second guessing, it also propels you faroutside your creative comfort zone. Enjoy spend less time "figuring out", and more time creating.