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PSYCHE Complete Boxed Set
PSYCHE Complete Boxed Set
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PSYCHE Complete Boxed Set
PSYCHE Complete Boxed Set
PSYCHE Complete Boxed Set
PSYCHE Complete Boxed Set

PSYCHE Complete Boxed Set

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At long last, PSYCHE is here! It's a revolutionary, incredibly powerful system for creating the mind of your character. Incorporating the most fundamental touchstones and building blocks of character creation used by professional actors and authors, each PSYCHE category is designed to reveal a different, compelling facet of their internal world. The system is grounded in specifics and easy to access, and it generates endless mindblowing combinations that will launch your characters and stories in unexpected new directions. 

It contains:

The CORE cards. The first four categories of the system are universal to all characters in fiction, regardless of genre, style, or time period. These all give you powerful indicators about your character's inner life, and their innate qualities. They are:

  • Motivations
  • Strengths
  • Flaws 
  • Given Circumstances

The Genre Expansions. The remaining four categories are extremely genre-specific, and give you powerful information about your character in relation to their world. These categories also provide a treasure trove of information about the structure and supporting characters of your STORY. They are:

  • Occupations
  • Secrets
  • Formative Events
  • Inciting Incidents

The first of the genre companions is CONTEMPORARY, the set based in our everyday, grounded reality. But with this Complete Boxed Set edition, you get ALL SIX of the other genre companions, each with 224 cards of character-creating power:

  • Epic Fantasy
  • Horror & Urban Fantasy
  • Sci Fi & Cyberpunk
  • Steampunk & Victorian
  • Lovecraftian & Noir
  • Dystopian & Post Apocalypse

You also get the 112-card Core Set Expansion, which adds entirely new levels of choice and complexity to your four Core categories.

And, also included are two 55-card Mini Companions that add even more depth and narrative possibilities to your fantasy-based writing and worldbuilding:

  • Epic Fantasy DARK
  • Fairy Tales & Folklore

Finally, it includes 8 double-sided category dividers, each with an exclusive Psyche art image by leading Sci Fi & Fantasy illustrators!

This comprehensive master set is almost 2,000 cards (1,960, to be exact), and will become your go-to Power Up for all your creative writing, role playing gaming, and narrative art projects. The PSYCHE Complete Boxed Set is IN STOCK and SHIPPING NOW.

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